30. March 2018

Catalogue of works (by genre)

chamber music

Einflirrung for bass clarinet, violoncello and double bass (5′)

long spells of rain for flute, viola, double bass and piano (15′)

ein Perspectiv, oder vielmehr die Farbe des Glases for violin, piano and field recording (10′)

streifen for flute (doubling piccolo), clarinet, violoncello and piano (19′)

4 Abbilder for string quartet (9′)

not telling for percussion duo (20′)

das schöne Wasser for organ and electronics (14′)

auf der Stelle for clarinet (Bb), trumpet (C), percussion and viola (9′)

verschwelgen for bass flute, bass clarinet, harp, viola and violoncello (12′)

so as to turn freely in the air for flute (doubling piccolo), oboe (doubling cor anglais), bass clarinet and alto saxophone (9′)

Wind Controller for saxophone quartet (11′)

Einschluss for violin and piano (6′)


pasar calle for ensemble and field recordings (picc.1.2.2[2.=bcl.].2 — — 2 perc — pno.[=MIDI-keyboard] — (10′)

launenhaftes Licht for orchestra (2[2.=picc.].2[2.=ca]. 2.[2.=bcl.].2 — — 2 perc — hp.pno. — (11′)

tethers for ensemble (1[= picc].1.2[2. = bcl].1 — — 2 perc — harp — [with B-string]) (11′)

orchestra/ensemble with soloist

Absicht for marimba and ensemble (1[=picc].1 [= ca].1 [=bcl].1[=dbn] — — 1-2 perc — piano — solo marimba — (20′)

Sammlung for basset clarinet and chamber orchestra (2[2. = picc].0.0.2 — — solo basset clarinet (A) — (15′)

vocal music

kein wirkliches Dunkel for soprano solo (texts: Christian Lehnert; 20′)

Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen Variations on the chorale by Paul Gerhardt and Johann Crüger, for soprano and trumpet (C) (14′)

bloßes Zubehör der Maschine for baritone and bass flute (text: Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels; 5′) (Recording: “Wilde Lieder — Marx.Music”, COV 91914)

dark beats instanter for mezzo soprano, bass clarinet and harp (text: Jon Sell; 4′)

5 Lieder on texts by Karin Fellner for baritone and piano (20′)

3 Lieder on poems by Wilhelm Lehmann for 4 female voices (high soprano, soprano, mezzo soprano, alto), 2 percussionists, violin and violoncello (10′)

kleinstadtelegie for soprano and violoncello (text: Jan Wagner; 4′)